About our Marketing Intelligence Practice

Isobar Marketing Intelligence is a Practice area of Isobar. We are a full-service consulting and research firm, recognized for our segmentation and emotional measurement approaches. Our mission is to help brands fully understand their consumers in ways never before possible. We do this by bringing together emotional, behavioral and cognitive sciences which, when combined with the creative talents of our Agency, generate profound insights and inspire unique strategies and solutions.

About Isobar

Isobar is a global full service digital marketing agency, driven by the purpose to deliver borderless ideas enabled by technology, to transform businesses and brands. We have over 6,000 digital pioneers in over 85 locations, across more than 45 markets worldwide. Isobar has won over 250 awards in 2016, including 19 Agency of the Year titles and Asia-Pacific Digital Network of the Year for the fifth time in the past six years. 


About Dentsu Aegis Network

Isobar Marketing Intelligence is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network. Dentsu Aegis Network is innovating the way brands are built for its clients through its best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services.

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Working at Isobar

Our culture is open-minded and collaborative; innovation never happens in a silo. While our people very deliberately come from backgrounds as diverse as data analytics and clinical psychology, they have a few things in common: they love to learn, express their ideas freely, and listen to others with genuine respect and curiosity.

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