Jessica Azoulay

Vice President, Operations
Jessica Azoulay

Ensuring delivery of top notch products and service.

Jessica Azoulay is a Vice President in Isobar’s Marketing Intelligence Practice. In her role, Jessica oversees both quantitative and qualitative operations, ensuring delivery of top notch products and service.

With over 20 years of marketing research experience, as a quantitative project lead, Jessica also plays a significant role in strategy and new product development. Most recently, Jessica visioned and managed the development of MindSight® Direct, the DIY version of the award-winning MindSight® technology which now allows users to uncover the motivations driving consumer behavior in a matter of hours.

Jessica also manages partner initiatives for MindSight® Direct and consults with Isobar UX developers on how to make their experiences more emotionally engaging. She is involved in key company initiatives including the integration of MindSight® with biometrics and the application of the tools to measure VR experiences.

Jessica continues to dabble in project management on select quantitative engagements, primarily focused on emotional assessments.

Jessica holds a BS in Social Psychology from Union College, with a concentration in organizational behavior.