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Blending the rational and emotional. Leveraging analytics, strategy and creativity.

Isobar Brand Beacon

Our Brand Beacon Analysis defines the critical components of a successful brand strategy, including the key consumer insight, the value proposition and positioning, and the emotional connection that forms the brand’s essence.

8 Key Elements of the Isobar Brand Beacon

  • Market Target

    The segment with the greatest ROI for your brand

  • Competition

    The brands that compete most directly for your target's business

  • Consumer Insight

    The key unmet need of your target

  • Value Proposition and Positioning

    The differentiating benefit and supporting reasons to believe

  • Brand Architecture

    The organization of your brands, products and services

  • Brand Experience

    The communications and user experience strategy to engage your target

  • Brand Personality

    The tone and manner of your communications and experiences

  • Brand Essence

    The higher order emotional connection to your brand

Rational and Emotional

MindSight allows us to measure the target’s unconscious emotional motivations and the brand’s emotional equities that can be shaped

Qualitative and Quantitative Analytics and Strategy

We provide qualitative and quantitative research to explore, inform and refine potential brand, positioning and messaging territories. We leverage analytic and strategic frameworks like our Brand Strategy Matrix analysis to identify highly motivating, credible and ownable white spaces and positioning opportunities to connect the tangible and rational elements of the brand with the higher order brand essence and personality.

Brought to Life Creatively

Our creative teams can bring the brand to life with brand books, briefs, tone of voice, core messaging, logos, design guidelines and digital and print executions.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Engagement teams include a unique mix of skills with brand strategists, marketing research experts, psychologists, data scientists and creatives all lending crucial expertise and insight.


MindSight accesses the emotional brain and transcends consumers' barriers.

East Stroudsburg University

Uncover foundational insights to build a strategy that aces all the tests.

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At Isobar we believe in experience-led transformation. Humans are incredibly instinctive and emotional creatures. The pathway to building positive brand emotions is primarily through a brand experience that consistently exceeds and resets expectations. By fusing insights with design and technology we help brands define their look, feel and behaviors until the experience, product and communications are just right, for the right consumers, all the time.

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