Emotion provides the energy behind virtually every behavior we engage in, every day of our lives.

MindSight® accesses the emotional brain. And new insights have proven the more rapid the exposure to a stimulus, the more rapid the reaction to that stimulus and the more emotional the response to that stimulus. That's precisely why Dr. David Forbes set out to create this tool that transcends consumers' barriers to uncover the emotional forces that motivate their every behavior.

Introducing: MindSight® Direct

Introducing MindSight® Direct.

Emotions are important, but it's emotional motivations that drive category usage, product trial, and brand loyalty. And, creating effective advertising, successful products, and extraordinary brands are all about evoking the right emotions (not just any emotions).

The Direct version of our award-winning MindSight® technology gives you the speed necessary to make
decisions quickly and win in this “fail fast” world of marketing.


  • Fast and inexpensive -10x faster at less than 20% of the cost
  • Simple step-by-step administrator experience
  • Customizable elements such as audience, demographics and questions
  • Flexibility of running as a standalone study or being part of a broader initiative
  • Validation in applied-neuroscience approach and metrics
  • Norm-based results using the MindSight® normative database


  • Interactive results dashboard with downloadable report and data file
  • Dynamic analysis of the results with full description of motives, images and word association results


Contact us: mindsight@isobar.com