From Competition to Collaboration - Our POV on IIeX NA 2017

By Jessica Azoulay

Last week’s IIeX North America was a great event. As I watched presentations and engaged in conversations it dawned on me that the research world has truly changed. Boring presentations and cut-throat supplier competition have given way to a refreshing trend in research and insights – Collaboration.

Client-side researchers and suppliers now understand that they need each other to succeed. The insights we all seek require a holistic approach. One tool, one approach won’t work anymore – instead we must partner with others and learn to integrate multiple approaches.

Our research must have true ROI – by combining techniques we can get there. Two major trends we heard about at IIeX can make that happen – Emotion Science and Automation. Emotion Science is about going deeper to truly understand consumers in order to build great brands, develop winning products and to create everlasting consumer connections.

And then there’s automation – to be honest the word makes me feel a bit nauseous…but the truth is that speed is critical. Why? Because research is about learning, not just making decisions…and that learning enables us to adjust and make better decisions.

By combining tools and techniques -- whether that be emotion science or virtual reality for that matter – we get better insights. As Charles Darwin once said, "It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." Looks like the research community has finally caught on.

Jessica Azoulay is Vice President, Operations at Isobar Marketing Intelligence.

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