Predicted Market Research Trends for 2017

Our own Jeremy Pincus discussed market research trends that Isobar expects to impact market researchers and the industry as a whole in 2017.

A Move Away from Artifice Toward Realism

“In 2017, I expect to see increasing reliance on observation of hard behavioral data and less reliance on constructed interrogations (whether onerous survey scales or qualitative discussion guides).

Specifically, I expect to see:

Increased use of passively collected biomarkers (face, voice, eyes, posture, skin, heart, brainwaves) to gauge consumer response instead of direct questioning.
Increased use of social media analytics to detect sentiment, passion, and thematic content.
A long overdue shift away from 30-40 minute questionnaires to shorter, smarter, mobile-friendly surveys that are delivered in the moment (triggered by geo-location or other passively collected triggers).
Reality rules in 2017 and beyond."

— Jeremy Pincus, Ph.D., Director, Research & Strategy, Isobar

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