Recap: Out-of-the-Park Insights into the Toronto Blue Jays' Fan Base

As Gold Sponsors of The Quirk's Event (West) Isobar's Marketing Intelligence Practice presented our recent work with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Over 2,000 quantitative surveys were conducted with Blue Jays' ticket buyers, capturing their attitudes, behaviors, needs from the game experience, needs from the team and management, demographics and media behaviors. These data were run through statistical market segmentation algorithms to identify distinct fan segments. In addition, as part of the survey, each respondent completed a MindSight® exercise – a rapid response image exercise designed to tap into the emotional part of the brain to understand the emotional motivations that drive their decision to attend Blue Jays games. The MindSight® data were analyzed to uncover the emotional motivations that govern each fan segment.


  • A 360 degree of fans, including attitudinal, motivational, emotional and behavioral insights provides unique opportunities for more personalized direct communications than any single lens or methodology can offer.
  • Fans fundamentally have surprisingly different emotional reasons or motivations for attending games.
  • While there are obvious impacts in terms of marketing creative, there are even more tactical implications for marketing, promotions, ticket packages and even ball park design.
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