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Insights have proven the more rapid the exposure to a stimulus, the more rapid the reaction and the more emotional the response. We created MindSight® to access the emotional brain and transcend consumers' barriers. Uncovering emotional forces that drive category usage, product trial, and brand loyalty.

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Putting MindSight Into

We easily integrate MindSight into each of our capabilities to strengthen insights and assess:

  • Category Needs

    Whether it be for business planning, overall strategy or unmet needs/white space. We do this for overall categories or in segmentation to understand how emotional motivations vary by segment.

  • Brand Drivers

    In brand strategy, competitive analysis and positioning work, it’s imperative to understand the level and nature of emotional connections customers have to a brand. We do this in brand equity or brand tracker research.

  • Communications Strength

    Evaluating and optimizing campaigns, websites, product/user experiences. We use communications testing to understand the level and nature of emotions evoked by communications and experiences.


There are different MindSight techniques that can help reach your goals depending on your needs. Let’s discuss a solution that’s just right.

Motivational Profiling

Reveals emotional drivers that trigger consumer behaviors and ultimately, purchases. By targeting aspirations and frustrations, MindSight provides critical insights for marketing to emotional end benefits.

  • Identify key emotions that motivate your targets or segments to act.
  • Tailor your marketing efforts to speak to specific emotions that resonate with your audience.

Experiential Discovery

Reveals the desired or expected emotional experiences in the moment of consumption.

  • Understand how consumers actually experience your brand in-the-moment.
  • Identify the emotional associations that your product or service naturally elicits, and whether they reflect your brand strategy.

MindSight Direct

The Direct version allows you to launch your own survey and get results fast and efficiently.

  • Fast and inexpensive studies that you set up, customize and launch on your own with a simple step-by-step admin experience.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of running ad hoc studies or linking and redirecting to another. Use your own sample or purchase from us.


Measuring the effectiveness of virtual and augmented reality experience for brands

Tivity Health

Transforming a fitness program into a lifestyle brand.

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At Isobar we believe in experience-led transformation. Humans are incredibly instinctive and emotional creatures. The pathway to building positive brand emotions is primarily through a brand experience that consistently exceeds and resets expectations. By fusing insights with design and technology we help brands define their look, feel and behaviors until the experience, product and communications are just right, for the right consumers, all the time.

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