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Discover, prioritize, optimize and forecast for new products, services and pricing.

Product & Pricing Strategy

Guidance at any point in the new product development process, from early-on concept screening to concept optimization and sales forecasting.

White Space and Opportunity Discovery Graphic

White Space and Opportunity Discovery

Qualitative and ethnographic category research, quantitative market landscape scans and market demand matrix analysis to identify white spaces and product/service extension opportunities including the brand permission to address new opportunities.

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New Product/Service Concepts

We provide qualitative and quantitative assessment of new product or service concepts and pricing. From high-level concept screens to identify better opportunities from a large set to more comprehensive concept evaluations, we assess concepts using traditional measures of appeal with emotional measures of attraction and rejection using our proprietary MindSight analysis.


Choice modeling, conjoint and other analytics to identify the financially optimal design, price level and pricing strategy for individual products and services or for entire portfolios of products and services. We perform statistical modeling and simulation analyses to identify the best alternatives from millions or often billions of potential design and pricing configurations.

Emotion-Adjusted Sales Forecasting Graphic

Emotion-Adjusted Sales Forecasting

Discovery™ is a validated model that leverages information about the marketplace, marketing plan, campaign effectiveness and the product’s appeal to forecast awareness, penetration, sales and profit and to provide diagnostics for improvement. Our proprietary Purchase Intent Scale accounts for traditional and emotional measures of purchase intent and is calibrated to reflect real-world behaviors. When forecasting pharmaceutical DTC campaigns, we employ a special module to account for physician behaviors in the forecast.

Leading Experts

We are experts on choice modeling and conjoint analysis, and the impact of emotion purchase decision making. Our founders are authors of two books on new product development and simulated test marketing.

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At Isobar we believe in experience-led transformation. Humans are incredibly instinctive and emotional creatures. The pathway to building positive brand emotions is primarily through a brand experience that consistently exceeds and resets expectations. By fusing insights with design and technology we help brands define their look, feel and behaviors until the experience, product and communications are just right, for the right consumers, all the time.

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