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Unambiguous guidance on who to target, their motives, the brand’s addressable occasions, and how and where to engage with omni-channel experiences.

Multi-Dimensional Graphic


Our segmentations leverage attitudes, needs, behaviors, psychographics, demographics, and specific needs-states or occasions. The result is a holistic, comprehensive understanding of your target segments as compared to other one-dimensional approaches. We know who they are, what they want, how they behave, and where to engage them along the path to purchase.

  • Demographics, Attitudes, Needs / Wants, Behaviors, Motivations, Database
  • Testing
  • Key Demos, Key Attitudes, Key Needs, Key Behaviors, Key Motive, Key DB Item
  • Optimized Segmentation Model
Financially Optimal Graphic

Financially Optimal

Our proprietary approach to segmentation is designed to ensure that segments differ in terms of their current and potential value to your brand. We identify the target segments worthy of your brand’s marketing investment - to drive sales, inspire loyalty and ultimately fuel brand growth.

Rational and Emotional

In addition to measuring tangible and rational needs of target segments, MindSight measures the unconscious emotional motivations that drive target decisions. This emotional understanding allows you to develop compelling positioning, messaging and brand experiences that foster deep emotional connections to your brand.

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The segments are connected to media planning databases, third-party marketing data and your first-party transactional and loyalty data to power efficient, targeted traditional, digital, addressable, programmatic and personalized communications strategies.

No firm has more experience than Isobar Marketing Intelligence

Isobar Marketing Intelligence has completed over 500 segmentation studies, across numerous B2C and B2B categories, with many blue chip multinationals; 35% of our projects are multi-country.

Paper + Packaging

Making paper a coveted vehicle for communication.

Tivity Health

Transforming a fitness program into a lifestyle brand.

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At Isobar we believe in experience-led transformation. Humans are incredibly instinctive and emotional creatures. The pathway to building positive brand emotions is primarily through a brand experience that consistently exceeds and resets expectations. By fusing insights with design and technology we help brands define their look, feel and behaviors until the experience, product and communications are just right, for the right consumers, all the time.

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