A strikingly clear, targeted position

A strikingly clear, targeted position

Ahold USA

What happens when you build your brand strategy around your best customers?


Campaign Development Research

The Results

A unified view of the target shopper, bringing clarity and purpose to brand communications

The Challenge

Help the supermarket live up to its promise

Best known for Stop & Shop and Giant grocery stores, Ahold was looking to make some changes to deliver on the brand's promise of providing "A Better Place to Shop." To revamp their strategy, we first needed to find a smart, simple way to identify, retain and reward Ahold's most valued customers.

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The Solution

Transform multiple streams of data into a single target segment

By leveraging data from Ahold shopper cards, custom surveys and our MindSight® applied neuroscience methods, we identified a “Best Customer” target segment to guide all business development decisions. We then connected this unified view of the customer to Ahold’s CRM loyalty database and targeting tools, laying the groundwork for future retail innovations.

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