Predicting the future of fragrance

Predicting the future of fragrance


What happens when you generate global interest in new scents before they hit the market?


Campaign Development Research

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The Results

A comprehensive testing strategy that forecasts positive sales performance for 10 new fragrances around the world

The Challenge

Measure the success of tomorrow's scents, today

Avon needed a surefire method of predicting success and scalability of new fragrance concepts before putting them through production. To us, this meant building a testing protocol that used qualitative and quantitative measures to determine rational purchase interest and emotional enthusiasm for each scent. 

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The Solution

Craft a multi-faceted test that hits all the right notes

Using MindSight® Motivational Profiling we designed a concept evaluation protocol to globally measure rational and emotional interest in each fragrance. Our in-market sales validation study enabled us to determine Avon’s real-world market potential for each concept—resulting in actionable sales prediction data for 10 new fragrances. 

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